About RadiographyPrep
Team, Mission, and Story

RadiographyPrep™ was created to ensure that you pass the Radiography Technologist exam.

The Team

RadiographyPrep™ was founded and is maintained by a team of physicians and engineers. We have extensive experience in radiography, ranging from basic principles to advanced radiographic interpretation, as well as a rich background in standardized testing. The authors have personally created and contributed to a number of very successful exam preparation sites across many medical and non-medical specialties, ranging from orthopaedic surgery to mechanical engineering. The team is furthermore uniquely qualified through their own mastery of their respective fields as well as strategies behind question writing and standardized testing.

Our Mission

We strongly believe that the most effective and efficient way to prepare for the ARRT exam is through simulated examination questions. The key to adult learning is repetition, and our team has carefully composed an enormous database of mock examination questions. The RadiographyPrep™ questions replicate actual examination questions in terms of not only the question format and range of difficulties, but accurately represent the relative frequency of the types of questions that you will see on the exam. Each exam question is furthermore accompanied by an explanation detailing the reasoning behind the correct and incorrect answer choices with reference to text for further reading. This provides a resource for both a structured study plan or an opportunity to cram for the exam.

Our Story

We found that the existing resources for radiography exam preparation were overall vastly lacking, whether overpriced, decentralized, unreflective of the actual exam, without explanation, conflicting, or a combination of the above. Many prep materials were additionally created by individuals with no, limited, or very dated radiographic and/or exam experience. However, having mastered professional standardized testing in our respective fields (scoring in the 99th - 100th percentiles) and having done so very recently, we realized that we were uniquely qualified to provide a contemporary and unparalleled resource for others. Our team is committed to providing a quality resource for exam preparation.